Individual Counselling

My Approach Overview

My ApproachThe main approach I use is Person Centred or also known as Client Centred. This means that I respect and honour each person's unique individuality and work at a pace that suits them. I believe that we all have an intuitive knowledge of what we truly need and want in life. We have the ability to heal ourselves and change for our own good.

Counselling is not about judging, giving instruction or advice. It is a process designed to give you a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space where you can explore difficulties and gain a better understanding of yourself. I offer my clients unconditional support in a safe non-judgmental place to explore areas that are causing them concern and look at ways that would best help support changes they wish to make.

At times I draw from different theory models as the therapy may need. Using this integrative approach I draw from other theory models including Cogitative Behavior TherapyGestalt and Psychodynamic. I work with clients to help develop awareness around issues and patterns in their lives that are no longer serving them and establish new ways of coping with and relating to life's challenges.

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Naduir Centre for Holistic Health


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